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Flood Plan

We have all seen what can happen with intense flooding....  500 mls of rain in over three days can cause disaster for  your business... Are you prepared?

 Click here to see photos of the January 2012 flood.

Why You need a Flood Action Plan.

The main arm of the Tweed River flows for approximately 50 km in a general north-easterly direction through the towns of Murwillumbah (about 28 km upstream) and Tweed Heads (at the mouth) and past the villages of Condong, Tumbulgum, Chinderah and Fingal. The catchment comprises approximately 1100 km2 with the main tributaries including Oxley River, Rous River, Dunbible Creek and the Terranora and Cobaki Broadwaters. The river flows to the sea immediately south of Point Danger, close to the border with Queensland.

The townships of Murwillumbah, Condong, Tumbulgum, Chinderah, Tweed Heads and Tweed Heads South have frequently experienced inundation from floodwaters. The February 1954 flood, the largest flood on record, caused major inundation in all flood prone regions. Severe flooding was experienced in the areas downstream of Chinderah due to a combination of the ocean storm tide, a congested entrance, and flooding from catchment runoff.

This 1954 Flood has been eclipsed by the recent flooding during April 2017 with River heights that put the new levee walls to the test.

A system of levees currently protects the main townships of Murwillumbah and Tweed Heads South from the more frequent floods. Other flood mitigation measures such as the installation of floodgates on creeks and farm drains, the raising of the natural levee bank in some areas, and the construction of drainage systems have also been undertaken.

What You Can Do.

It is abolutley imperative that you have some sort of plan for your business. During these times SES people are not always available to assist as the flood basin is large and the number of resources are also limited. It is for this reason that you should have a plan in place and the SES have a plan that you can fill out online.

This "Toolkit" will help you prepare a plan to assist you to prepare for possible flooding that can impact your business.


Some Guides for Flooding in Murwillumbah.

Murwillumbah Gauge 3.2m - 5m Over the top of the levee at Sth Murwillumbah
Murwillumbah Gauge 4.9m Over the top of the levee at Dorothy St
Murwillumbah Gauge 6.3m Over the top of the levee at Murwillumbah Services Club
Projected time to fill basin 3-4hrs to evacuate CBD area



Flood Type Tyalgum Height Uki Height Murwillumbah Height
Minor 8.5mt 6.1 - 6.5mt 3.5 - 4mt
Moderate 9.15mt 6.5mt 4 - 4.5mt
Major     4.5mt and higher

A way in which we have measured flood levels over the years has been to take the peek levels at Tyalgum, Uki and Boat Harbour from the BOM website, add them together. Then divide by three to give you a level at Murwillumbah. If the end number is greater than 5 we are in for a major flood.

byangum Bridge
Byangum Bridge during flood a familiar sight for locals.