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 MDBC  encourages businesses to tap into the Margaret Olley visitors


On Saturday 15 March, the Tweed Regional Gallery in Murwillumbah will officially open the Margaret Olley Art Centre, followed by a special opening weekend of Sunday 16 – Monday 17 March.  From 16 March, the centre will be open to the public. Murwillumbah businesses are invited to get into the spirit to help celebrate the upcoming opening which is set to draw a crowd.


Margaret Olley

Gallery Director Susi Muddiman said that businesses would expect more visitors to Murwillumbah during this time due to the publicity surrounding the much-awaited event.  "It will be a like a year-long Archibald, which attracted 28,000 visitors over six weeks”, she said.

 The Murwillumbah and District Business Chamber Liaison Officer, Natascha Wernick said,” according to predictions there would be another 4000 people visiting the gallery each week. The impact of that on the businesses in Murwillumbah and District could be huge if the businesses used target marketing effectively.”

 Visitors from all over Australia and further afield, will be coming to the Murwillumbah area.

“Businesses need to encourage the visitors to stay longer in our area, to stay overnight and have dinner, go to an event, or visit one of our villages.  Businesses will need to have a serious rethink of their marketing strategies to devise ways to attract this new market.”Natascha emphasised. “There is also opportunity for new businesses to develop who simply target this emerging market. Art tourism should be one of the biggest drivers for our economy in the future!”


The MDBC and the Tweed Shire Council are encouraging Murwillumbah businesses to get excited, informed and involved in the Opening of the Margaret Olley Art Centre. To help businesses with Margaret Olley themeing, business packs will be available for collection from the front counter of the Murwillumbah Civic Centre.  Inside will be an A3 poster welcoming visitors, some Margaret Olley colour and still life display ideas,  and flower templates with tissue paper provided for any businesses that are able to make flowers which will be used during the opening event on 15 March.


Packs can be collected from the Tweed Shire Council reception from Thursday 27th February, or at the next MDBC breakfast March 7 where gallery director Susi, Muddiman will be speaking about the project.   Downloadable  poster,  flower templates, colour display ideas  and other information can be accessed through

Email me for separate PDF'S

Business kit

Images to inspire your shops in colours and still life set ups

 NOTE. The gallery is closed on Moday and Tuesdays. In spite of this, many people  head up there and are disappointed. Brainstorm ideas on how your business  can access this overflow!!!


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