Murwillumbah Business Chamber

The Murwillumbah and District Business Chamber are calling business to pull up their bootstraps and participate in a break through business bootcamp designed at mentoring, educating and bringing businesses together.

 Starting May 15, this six month project is a gruelling, fun and informative self analysis of the participant’s business designed to produce real outcomes for those who put in the effort. Just as you would expect to become fit at an exercise bootcamp at your local gym, this business regime is designed to take your business fitness to the next level.

 “We are aiming at the business bootcamp to achieve real outcomes for the businesses involved because successful business is at the heart of the business community.” Toni Zuschke, MDBC president said.

The 6 month boot camp will cover topics including:

  •  Website and branding check up
  •  Social media workout
  •  Reviewing your business structure
  •  Removing your business waste
  •  Looking at your belief systems
  •  How to generate endless referrals in 2014 

And will include quality local experts including Robyn Henderson ( Networking to Win), Michael  Zuschke ( Barking Toad Creative), Sonja Ceri ( Media Bootcamp) and David Vincent (Breakthrough Training).

Cost  only $150+GST for members or $216+GST for non members

To take part in the business boot camp you need to:

  1. Fill out the registration form and pay $150/$216
  2. Attend one x 3 hour session a month
  3. Commit for the 6 months to reviewing and renewing your business strategies
  4. Agree to receive weekly emails or texts to prompt action.

The program will include homework and weekly “check ins” as well as reporting back at the beginning of each session.  The three hour sessions will be at the Murwillumbah Golf Club  from 6-9pm the Third Thursday of each month starting May 15.

 “We are here to make you work on your business, not in your business! We are going to whip you into shape and give you the skills and knowledge to make a real difference in the growth of your business”.

Go on take the plunge! Commit to your business today!

 Starts May 15th 2014

Register your interest here.

Download your contract and invoice here

Other Thursday evening session dates include:  June 19; July 17; August 14;September 18; October 16.

Topics and presenters:

  David Vincent-  Session One... Getting the Structure Right.

Just imagine you hear on the radio that a cyclone is about to hit your area. What thoughts go through your mind?

 Are my foundations strong, is my roof secure, have I prepared my windows, will the house stand the air pressure.

After the cyclone passes the structures that survive will have passed the structure test.

Its the same with a business... get the structure right and look forward to the test of strong growth and profit.

 In Session One we will use some simple business tools to examine...

  •  Your people... Can they handle things, who needs coaching, who needs training, who needs supervising? This may also apply to you, the business owner.
  • Your products... What products and services are your cash cows, what products needs developing, what products have potential and what should be dropped?
  • The right processes... How would your customers define your quality? Do your systems help or hinder operations? Do you treat suppliers and contractors as partners in your business system?
  • The right price... What’s your pricing strategy... a critical step in growth and profit

 The hardest part of a business is minding your own.


David Vincent- Session Two... Removing the Waste

Surveys show that 20-25% of an organisations operating expenses is WASTE. Removing this waste is a vital step in business survival. Removing the waste means that 20-25% of your operating expenses immediately improves your bottom line.


Every organisation, big or small suffers from inefficiencies. Many times we fail to see or accept what is in front of us. In Session two you will conduct an audit of your business and set out plans to eliminate the waste.


Waste Removal... Getting the most out of what you have

 David Vincent-            July 17

Session Three... Belief Systems

A critical factor in business success is the belief systems of the people... business owners as well as team members.

 In Session Three we will use the ‘Bike of Life’ tool to show the connection between personal life balance and business life balance. To get maximum benefits, including speed and distance from the ‘Bike of Life’ vehicle we need to be in balance in our business and personal lives. Session Three examines life balance as well as beliefs around marketing, operations, innovation, people, finance and strategy.  Session Three is about getting all your ducks in a row 

There is no failure only feedback

Michael Zuschke-      August 14

 Marketing and website Checkup 

Analyse your marketing mix, review your branding and website strategies. 


Sonja Ceri-                September 18

 Social Media : a crash course

A crash course in available Social Media Channels on the market, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Pheed, Pinterest, SnapChat and will also cover the importance of blogging.

Robyn Henderson-     October 16

    How to generate endless referrels in 2014

  Today the keys to your business growth will include:
•    Understanding why your referral flow may have dwindled in the last 6 months and how to reactivate and expand your potential referral sources in the next 12 months.
•    The importance of speed of response and adapting quickly to market needs and networking opportunities
•    Flexibility and efficient follow up and keep in touch systems
•    Successfully blending social media and  face to face networking opportunities
•    How to network your way to your next client, referral, prospect or strategic alliance
•    Networking across all age groups and knowing what is appropriate, acceptable and appreciated for each age group
•    Why systems are the key to your business development success
•    How to get the most from your Chamber  membership