Murwillumbah Business Chamber


The MDBC are encouraging all Murwillumbah businesses and residents to buy locally and support the new #buylocalmurwillumbah social media campaign

This is a response to inquiries by several retailers as to what hashtag the MDBC was using for Murwillumbah.

After attending a recent "hashtag for promotion" workshop we decided that this was the best way to roll over our sleeping Community Slice buy local campaign.

It's easy to be involved.

If you are a local business you can promote your sales and services for free on our Buy local Murwillumbah facebook page.

1. Simply post your image and text on the Buy local Murwillumbah facebook page. And we will share it.


for the more social media savvy add #buylocalmurwillumbah to any of your sales or d services posts on facebook or instagram.

Think locally first + buy locally when you can = Being a local!
And Locals love locals.

Please share our page with you friends.
we'd really appreciate it!