Murwillumbah Business Chamber

Provide an incentive to get tourists through your door.

 Murwillumbah can expect a surge in visitors over the next year and onwards as tourists from all around Australia visit the Margaret Olley Art Centre and our expanding tourism industry.

The Murwillumbah and District Business Chamber (MDBC) are putting together a simple voucher sheet and town map to entice tourists to stay longer and experience more of Murwillumbah.

We envisage this brochure will be available at the Tweed Regional Art Gallery, at the Tourist Information Centre, in tourist accommodation houses and be distributed by the show society to those visitors attending events the over the year.

When they use the voucher in your store you could ask for their postcode to ensure they are a tourist (optional) and then put a cross through the used voucher.

This is anticipated to be an A4 folded to DL brochure and printed colour both sides, unless we are overwhelmed by advertisers and need to expand the design.  We will do a print run of 5,000.

 What we require of you as a business is:

  1. To provide us with an offer that will entice tourist through your door. Eg. 10% off or 2 coffees for the price of one.
  2. A business card size graphic describing your offer. Please supply artwork at 90mm wide by 55mm high as a pdf or jpeg .The size of this graphic may be reduced depending on how many businesses are involved. (If you wish Barking Toad to create your graphic please contact - cost $55.)
  3. 3.      Payment $220 and graphics are due by October 7th 2016.  
  4. Your position will not be confirmed until payment is received. NO EXCEPTIONS!   Only 12 spaces available.

Please contact me ASAP to get in on this great project. The speed of the take up by business will affect how soon we get these vouchers out.

 Priority given to MDBC members. Not a member?  Join here now.